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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scar Revision: Unsightly scars can develop from prior surgery or trauma, or other interventions such as gage earrings. It can take up to one year for a scar to fully mature. Sometimes there is redness or discoloration initially after healing that can fade with time. However, scars can also become hypertrophied, or keloids. Dr. Weng is happy to help you manage and improve the appearance of scars through surgical and minimally invasive approaches.


An ideal candidate for scar revision surgery should have a visually unappealing scar that has been present for at least a year. He or she should have realistic expectations and be patient and willing to continue to work on optimizing the scar healing with sun protection and less invasive in-office interventions for up to 6 months.

Peak Facial Plastic Surgery

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